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There Will be Fire…

Category : Current Work, Interesting Stuff · No Comments · by December 18, 2014

Fire Garden from Rag and Bone on Vimeo.

Video of our recent ongoing Fire Garden collaboration with pa-Boom

A Slideshow of the event at Crow Nest Park, Dewsbury, can be seen here

Hurly Burly and other Ballyhoo

Category : Current Work, Processions, Stuff and Nonsense · No Comments · by November 13, 2014

hurly burly kinetic sound sculpture in Marsden Jazz Festival Parade

The Hurly Burly and Hullabaloo of work and life has meant we’ve been sorely neglecting the blog of late. Well we got the plumbers in, removed the blockage from the blog and it should be running freely now….

Some video footage and photos of some of the shenanigans we’ve been up to is available

Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KtxKbUprFZA

Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WojH0beKXoI

and Here: http://www.examiner.co.uk/whats-on/whats-on-news/thousands-jazz-fans-flock-norths-7921836

Since then we’ve also been working with our friends Macnas in Galway and Dublin – we’ll post more about our adventures there soon…

Pandaemonium Parade @ Spare Parts Festival

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The Dust has settled on the Pandaemonium Parade – we’ve been far too busy to tweet and post online – lazy Luddites we are. Spare Parts and Tram Sunday were fantastic – Fleetwood well and truly rammed to the gills with sun soaked, happy people.

Photo of Pandaemonium Parade

The Ghost Horn

Category : Current Work, General Info, Processions · No Comments · by May 1, 2014

The Ghost Horn from Rag and Bone on Vimeo.

We’ve recently posted some newly found footage of one of our favourite shows from the last few years onto Vimeo. The Ghost Horn was a watery lament and processsion held in 2 locations in Taunton and Bridgewater in 2012. We think it has further potential and we’re keen to re-invigorate and revive it for other locations – canals, rivers, marinas and lakes.

New Ventures

Category : Background, Current Work, Stuff and Nonsense · No Comments · by March 6, 2014

Having finally clawed and crawled our way out of Hibernation in the Boneyard, we’re unleashing a raft of fantastic new business ventures on the unsuspecting year.
We’re starting off with our new  Dental and Oral Hygiene service for Processional Beasts, Giants and Creatures (see below)

A Dentist inspects the Bone Yard Beast

Coming soon:

* Bespoke Ark design, build and consultancy services – with a special emphasis on the locating, saving and safe keeping of mythical creatures

*Bonsai Fireshows – in an Age of Austerity, miniature is the new Big

*Bone-Heads – a new concept in hats

More Hot Heads

Category : Current Work, Interesting Stuff · No Comments · by November 28, 2013

Rag and Bone co-founder Dave Young and Pa-Boom have just finished their Hot Heads collaboration, which culminated in a fiery event at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Some photos below, see more great photos of the event here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sovietuk/sets/72157637984060425/with/11018430456/

The Hot Heads make a primal, totemic night time installation, and could well feature either on their own, as part of our Horns of Fire garden, or  as part of a fiery finale to a show, procession, event or festival.

Photo of Hot Heads fiery installation at Yorksshire Sculpture Park

Photo of Hot Head - sculptural charcoal brazier


Category : Bone Yard Tales, Current Work, Stuff and Nonsense · No Comments · by November 15, 2013

Photo of George, training to be a dragon dentist
Roar! or the Dragons Tale

Roar! is a new show we’re developing, a light on it’s feet, fun and furious offshoot of Bone Yard Tales.

Roar is a promenade performance for urban spaces and festival sites about a 16ft scrap-yard beast and George, who is obsessed with dragons. Self-contained and battery powered, Roar features live music, performers, puppets and props, is for all ages and can take place day and night. Roar delights in stories of dragons and beasts, and includes songs, ballads, chases, encounters, diversions, dances, battles & bun fights.

Contact us for further information.

Hot Heads

Category : Current Work, Interesting Stuff · No Comments · by November 14, 2013

Rag and Bone’s Dave Young has been feverishly welding away in a dark, satanic mill, on a new collaborative project with pa BOOM!  Hot Heads is an Arts Council, England supported R&D project – 3 sculptural charcoal braziers in the form of giant heads. These enigmatic, blazing totems are nearly ready for their first outing into the world – an evening at Yorkshire Sculpture Park in late November. We’ll post more news on this project as it develops, in the meantime here are some photos from the test run of the very first Hot Head.

Photo of Hot Head sculptural charcoal brazier

Photo of Hot Head sculptural charcoal brazier

Horns of Fire at Newbury Ablaze

Category : Current Work, Event Details · No Comments · by September 23, 2013

horns of fire at Newbury Horns of Fire, our fire garden collaboration with Pa-Boom! went to Newbury recently as part of Newbury Corn Exchange’s Ablaze event.

Some more photos of the event

Bye bye BoneYard, bye bye

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Rag and Bone take the final bow in the Bone YardThe final bow

MintFest was the final outing for Bone Yard Tales this year. Now the Bone Yard must creak and groan its own dusty lullaby, fold into itself like a hibernating clock and settle into it’s barn for a Winter of rusty snoring, musty  autumnal dreams and occasional scrapyard flatulence.

A hearty thank you to everybody involved – without you all it would not be possible.

We have our own specially unqualified Quack Doctor who will be checking up on the sleeping BoneYard during the winter months and will let us know when the first stirrings and rumblings start in the Spring.