Rag and Bone are highly experienced creators of parades and processional performances.

Photo of Pandaemonium Parade - the beast roars

We bring streets to life with parades and processions, inviting all along our way to join the celebration.  Rag and Bone are fascinated by traditions of parades, and expert at building processions that might include cycle-powered machines, street bands, costumed performers, giant puppets, animated beasts, strange, mechanical contraptions, children, singers, bizarre characters and other paraphernalia.  Working with local groups in advance, we can root our parades in the story of your place, embedding local resonance and meaning.


Our first show The Beast of Bracknell was a processional performance invoking a mythic beast from the Forest of Bracknell, and most of our work has involved processional elements, including the Pandaemonium Engine and the street band Tongues of Fire. Since 2009 Dave and Tim have been working closely with Macnas in Galway on their annual parade for the Galway Arts Festival.
Hurly Burly

Tim Hill has long been a keen researcher into the history of parades and processions, and in the Summer of 2013 he ran a national conference on the subject, The Endless Parade and Other Transports of Delight.  He invited artists, makers, promoters, and  carnivalites to attend a day’s discussion, sharing and playing based around the history and tradition of parades and processions.  Many of the UK and Ireland’s leading outdoor artists were there and the discussion continues.

Photograph of the Pandaemonium Engine, a fiery, kinetic sculpture at Huddersfield Festival of Light 2010


Rag and Bone are currently investigating and researching ways to reinvent and reinvigorate English processional traditions for today and the future – looking  at technologies, stories, performing styles and iconography and the ways they could evolve.