Welcome to The Foul Rag and Bone Shop of the Heart...

Rag and Bone: artificers, makers, dream -bodgers and scavenger poets for hire.

We make things from the recesses of our imaginations, bring them into the nuts & bolts real world and then animate them, bringing them alive with puppetry, engineering, music, sound, performance, technology, fire and light.

Musician/composer Tim Hill & artist/maker Dave Young formed Rag and Bone in 2008 inspired by the mysteries of improvisation and the glories of noise, by the richness of folklore and mythology, by the hidden histories in the landscape around us, and by traditions of festivities and fairs, street music and carnivals from around the world.

We are based in West Yorkshire, where we work from Dave’s workshop, nestled into the Pennine hills on the edge of town and moor. We work with a floating group of like-minded artists, makers, inventors, performers, musicians, pyro-technicians, dreamers and junk alchemists. Our work is collaborative, wistful, humorous, filled with joy, created for the love of it, and made with genuine blood, sweat and tears.

We are hands on makers with a passion for making things out of stuff, as well as our work available for hire we are also available to commission as designers, makers and animators. Our skills, experience, vision, and ingenuity make us the ideal match to help you realise your most outlandish and wildest ideas…imagination is our playground! Please contact us for more information.

Someone once called us “…like totally bonkers mad max steampunk wombles.”  Which was nice.