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Osteoscopic Sound

Early 2018 and I’m resting up in the Boneyard with a broken leg and broken shoulder. Looking for creative things to do whilst the bony splitters slowly glue themselves back together I re-visited an old design from years ago – an Osteoscope – a device designed to send artistic probes deep into a broken bone… Well, we turned it on, cranked up the Ossilator, primed the mythic confungulator and fired a series of Ortho-Sonic probes into the fractures before they fully healed.

We have the audio readings in & are now in a position to reveal some of the results. Specialists we consulted likened the recordings to:

  1. The radio station playing on a fossilized car stereo half buried in a bone littered beach on the sea of dreams
  2. The soundtrack to an imaginary film about phantom scientists driving dodgems on a giddy carousel
  3. A plea for help from a submerged mythical village as it rises out of the mist once a year.


Photo of George, training to be a dragon dentist
Roar! or the Dragons Tale

Roar! is a new show we’re developing, a light on it’s feet, fun and furious offshoot of Bone Yard Tales.

Roar is a promenade performance for urban spaces and festival sites about a 16ft scrap-yard beast and George, who is obsessed with dragons. Self-contained and battery powered, Roar features live music, performers, puppets and props, is for all ages and can take place day and night. Roar delights in stories of dragons and beasts, and includes songs, ballads, chases, encounters, diversions, dances, battles & bun fights.

Contact us for further information.

Bye bye BoneYard, bye bye

Rag and Bone take the final bow in the Bone YardThe final bow

MintFest was the final outing for Bone Yard Tales this year. Now the Bone Yard must creak and groan its own dusty lullaby, fold into itself like a hibernating clock and settle into it’s barn for a Winter of rusty snoring, musty  autumnal dreams and occasional scrapyard flatulence.

A hearty thank you to everybody involved – without you all it would not be possible.

We have our own specially unqualified Quack Doctor who will be checking up on the sleeping BoneYard during the winter months and will let us know when the first stirrings and rumblings start in the Spring.

Bone Yard Tales @ Greenwich & Docklands

Just got back from Greenwich and Docklands festival – our fourth outing for Bone Yard Tales so far. In summary – extreme luck with the weather, Old Royal Navy College backdrop, King Charles Lawn, beached whale, amazing smells from Greenwich Market, Premier Inn thumbs up, small pub meals thumbs down, new hire van practically loads & unloads itself, crinkly dried leaf confetti substitute result, new costume for Rag fits first time, lovely appreciative crowds, pints by the Thames, jobs a good un.

Some photos:

Photo of Rag, character in Bone Yard Tales
And another thing, I want a classical backdrop in every gig from now on…

Photo of scene from Bone Yard Tales with performers on moving towers
The Bone Yard Ark sets sail…

Photo of the beast attacking rag and bone in Bone Yard Tales
The Beast of the Bone Yard attacks

A message from the BoneYard

Bone Yard Tales has made it’s first 2 outings in public.Here’s some photos from our first shows at Brighton Festival on 11th/12th May.

Photo of Bone, lead performer in Boneyard Tales
Bone tells another tall story

Photo of Rag, lead performer in Boneyard tales
Rag, peering out from her tower.Will that Bone ever shut up?

Photo of towers in Boneyard Tales
The Bone Yard towers come to life.

Bone Yard Tales

Bone Yard Tales hits the road soon. Here are our show dates, we hope to see you somewhere…

May 11th and 12thBrighton Festival

Trafalgar Arches:  1.00pm and 7.00pm


May 18th and 19th  – Norwich and Norfolk Festival

Chapelfield Gardens : 1.00pm and 4.00pm


May 25thSalisbury International Festival

Cathedral Close – 2.30pm and 6.30pm


June 22nd and 23rd –  Greenwich & Docklands International Festival

King Charles Lawn, Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich – Saturday 3.40pm and 6.40pm / Sunday 2.15pm and 4.30pm


July 5thWinchester Hat Fair


August 2nd  and 3rdStockton International Riverside Festival


August 31st and Sept 1st   Mintfest, Kendal


Without Walls Consortium 2013 Programme

A Glimpse into the Bone Yard

We’re in the midst of creating our new show, the Without Walls comission Bone Yard Tales – here’s a sneaky peak into the chaos of the build. In order to create the ‘Bone Yard’ we’ve had to indulge all our latent scrap collecting, hoarding and scavenging tendencies, and let loose our inner Wombles. Here’s the evidence…

photo of Bone Yard Tales mobile tower under construction
Bone Yard Tales tower the first

Photo of materials being used to make the Bone Yard Tales set
Piles of Stuff awaiting transformation…

Photo of materials in the Rag and Bone workshop
More piles of Stuff in the Rag n Bone workshop

Photo of materials in the Rag and Bone Workshop
and yet more Stuff…